Papel Cult

You’re really tired


Mouths Trapped in Static

Female voice: Can you talk where you are?

Male voice: Yeah.

F: Who’s there?

M: In the satellite truck. No, I can talk.

F: Is anyone else there?

M: No.

F: Hang on.

M: [sighs] Man…

F: You’re really tired. I know you. You sound just awful. I love you.

M: I love you, too. I don’t wanna be here. I wanna be with you.


F: I was sitting in bed…

M: Yeah.

F: …and I was kind of daydreaming…

M: Mmm-hmm.

F: …and I was remembering… um… I don’t know. I was remembering all sorts of things.

M: Like what?

F: I was remembering when you came and saw me after the… collection.

M: Yeah.

F: And you just walked in the door…

M: Yeah.

F: …and dropped everything.

M: Yeah.

F: I was just remembering that. I hadn’t though aboot that for a long time…

M: Yeah.

F: …and how amazing that was.

M: Yeah. Mmm…

F: Do you have to hang up?

M: No, not at all. I’m not going to hang up when you’re talking like this. [laughs] Um…

F: Does anyone else hear you?

M: No, they’re not paying attention to me.

F: Mmm.

M: Well- [static]

F: Can’t you talk to me for as long as you can talk to me, or do you have to go?

M: No. No, I can talk to you for as long as you want.

F: I wanna talk to you! [static] -miss you. Isn’t it amazing [static] how much I miss you? [static]

M: Well…

F: And how much I feel like my body [static] needs to be against yours?

M: Well, I- [static] -feeling. [static]

F: That’s a good thing!

M: Yeah. [static]

F: It’s a good thing that it’s mutu-[static]-al.

M: Yeah. [static]

F: What? [static] You know [static] I was thinking today? [static] -are the luckiest people in the world be-[static]-cause this is just going to [static] stronger and stronger and [static] on and on [static]

M: Mmm-hmm.

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